Online Roulette India: We Supply Uniforms for Live Dealers

Casino games have become very popular in Asian countries, particularly India. This is linked to the availability of betting options that have been offered by gambling sites. However, a major problem with many Indians is the unclear nature of betting in the country, because it remains unclear.

Today, we will look at the online roulette game, its various versions, betting systems available, and top online roulette real money India casinos where you can wager on roulette.

Online roulette

About online roulette

Online roulette is a hybrid casino game that has become very common among Indians. This casino game consists of a board, wheel, and ball. There are about 36 to 37 numbers labeled all over the board which also comes with either red or black color. There is a demarcation between the boards which is measured in a 12-line by 3 grids. For land-based casinos, the croupier is in charge of accepting bets before rolling the ball, however, for online roulette, there exists an RNG that randomly rolls the ball immediately wagering is confirmed.

The different versions of online roulette

Online roulette casino games come in many variants which include:

American roulette

This is arguable of the first roulette versions that were launched, and it came with a lot of promise. It is a very big roulette table and comes with an additional zero spot. This extra spot gives the casino a huge house edge which many players find annoying. However, despite this edge, you can win playing this roulette version because it has excellent odds and different markets.

European roulette

This came shortly after the American version and is more of an abridged variant. European roulette has 37 holes available and it provides a splendid value for Indians to wage on. The RTPs on the version is absolutely huge and give better returns.

French roulette

This is a similar roulette table to the European one, but there are few distinctions. This distinction allows it to be more suited for people with a lower stake. It comes with its own betting rule, known as the La Partage Rule.

Is online betting legal in India?

Before wagering on any platform in the country, it is important to know how the legal issues affect gambling online India. India’s laws on gambling have come a long way with the first Indian law coming in 1867. This was known as the India act of 1868 which empowers the federal government to regulate all wagering activities while delegating some powers to Indian states to control their locality.

Later, came the Bombay Prohibition act of 1887 which came to categorize casino games. The law made a distinction between strategy games and chance games. While everyone is free to wager on certain strategy games, all chance games remain banned.

Furthermore, the states in India started using their powers to make more revenues with the Goa, Diu, and Darman law of 1952 which allows gambling activities in the state for those who are capable. The law still didn’t allow the children to change games. During this time, the federal government rolled out several lottery casinos which were run by the state. This government report on gambling will shed more light on gambling laws in India.

Sikkim act of 2005 came into being as the state allowed a certain chance, games, however, indigenous owners were not permitted to have a gaming license. Indians who want to wager can do so as no laws are prohibiting online gambling in India.

Best roulette betting strategies available

There are some excellent online roulette systems, players can use to have an advantage when wagering, they are:

Martingale Betting System

This roulette betting system involves staking on a roulette game with small bets to win huge profits. It requires large capital because bettors are mandated to increase their bets anytime they lose. It is advised that one should be careful using this roulette system because when your loss stretches, to make even becomes difficult.

D'Alembert Roulette strategy

A roulette system specifically for those with low capital. Players can increase their bets by one when they lose and also reduce by one when they win. This isn’t recommended for those who want to win big.

Fibonacci betting Strategy

This system is usually played outside betting options with small bets. Players would then use a range of Fibonacci number series to determine their next stake. Indians can make little but consistent profits with this system.

Indices to consider before wagering on online roulette websites

With the plethora of roulette casino online web platforms, there are certain things one should look out for before choosing a particular one:

  • RNG

This is very crucial because the Random Number Generator is a betting algorithm that ensures fairness and random playing especially in a casino roulette game. Only bet on platforms that have this, as it ensures you aren’t ripped off.

  • Many betting options

Having the chance to bet on many options is a good consideration as you can spread your risk in many games. Some casinos have very rigid betting options, stay away from them.

  • Technical support service

Having reliable customer service, you can talk to any time, and anywhere is a key factor in gambling. Only top Indian websites have customer services that operate 247 and are available on major social networks.

  • Excellent bonuses

Everyone likes a bonus and offers which will let them have better chances of winning. Using betting platforms that offer great winning chances is a sure bet of winning roulette game online.

Recommended online roulette sites in India

There are numerous best online roulette platforms, however, here are some which fulfilled the above indices:


This online roulette India platform has over the years been offering quality casino roulette games globally. Indians can use rupees for payment and their payment options are numerous. This is one of the best roulette casino platforms around.

Leo Vegas

At Leo Vegas online casino, you can play roulette online India games with juicy bonuses and quick payouts. Talking to their customer service is easy, as they attend to one quickly online. They also have numerous games from top game developers like Microgaming, NetEnt, and Playtech.

10 cric

The roulettes casino online site is known throughout all Indian states as a reliable casino. They have many games you can bet on which includes Baccarat, Poker, online Keno and other sports bet. Their payment options include PayPal, Paytm, wire transfer, and credit cards.

Europa Casino

An online casino roulette platform with an excellent user interface and huge bonuses. You get about 15,000 rupees for registering on their site. Their games have huge RTPs which gives you ample chance to make money.

Playing roulette online in India’s top casinos avails you the opportunity to enjoy the thrills of betting and make some real money for yourself.