SK International: Partnership Clothing since 2011

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We have been a very fortune business that has seen our brand of clothing being used by many large companies within India and abroad.

Here is a list of businesses we have partnered with and their testimonials on our products.

If you wish to have us make custom pieces for your business, company or anything else, then please do get in touch.

Ghaziabad Restaurants:

“SK international created wonder outfits for all out staff and managers. We gave then an idea of how we would like our custom pieces to look and we are thrilled that our customers are greeted with helpful staff in very well-tailored working attire. Fantastic job 1010.”

Chandigarh Restaurants:

“We are over-joyed with the work uniforms made to give our restaurant the final signature it needed. These custom-made garments are just one of the many important features that sets our restaurant apart from the rest when customers first walk in and see how professional we are with our service.”

Casino Paradise:

“For a casino, we needed our uniform to be smart and comfortable. We asked SK International to provide us a unique range of clothes for our south african casino dealers and to bring an air of glamour and sophistication into the casino, which was different from the more formal attire that is associated with a casino in India. We wouldn’t have this problem if we played at online casino. The new approach worked fantastically, and our female dealers are grateful for the confidence they now feel when serving customers within Casino Paradise. Thank you once again.”

Bihar Cricket Team:

“Having the right sporting clothing is essential and what was made by the team at SK International was on winning form. Our cricket club has traditions and the fan base loved that we were able to provide to them something modern yet instilling everything the cricket team is about and we hope to pick up more in the seasons that follow our club.”

Goa Cricket Team:

“Our staff at the cricket club now look like they are not just people in suits, they finally look like they are part of our great club. From secretaries to staff in the lounge, everyone looks immaculate and everyone is saying how much more comfortable the uniform now is compared to the last. Thank you.”

Grand Hyatt Goa Hotel:

“The uniforms provided by SK International have been the icing on the cake for our hotel. Everything now comes together given the custom job they did and executed with perfection. Our staff from management through to the restaurant all prefer the new garments, there has been praise from the regular guests that have seen the change and it has left everyone with a smile on their faces. Brilliant work.” This hotel is, btw, specialized in blackjack strategy and a lot of blackjack players come to play in it.

Narendra Bhawan Bikaner Hotel:

“We are so pleased we approached SK International to come up with a bespoke design for our hardworking staff, so that they are able to both look smart and importantly be comfortable in the jobs they carry out on a day to day basis. We love the design that captures the feeling of the hotel perfectly and sets us apart from all others soon as guests arrive and see us. Wonderful and thank you so much.”

Delhi Daredevils Cricket Team:

“Since 2008 to 2018 we were greatly honored to have SK International tailor the various iterations of cricket uniforms our club went through. The designs brought the kind of prestige our the Delhi Daredevils sought to present, and we hope to continue our partnership with our new branding.”

Bombay Cricket Club:

“For both our players and non playing-staff members, the uniforms designed and supplied by SK International have been absolutely impeccable. The Bombay Cricket Club is a club of great standing and to have our fellows on the pitch looking professional is a source of great pride for us. We cannot recommend them more.”